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11-20-2012, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post
so apparently there'a a new patch for tribble. it's going to cut all project timers for tier 1 and 2 projects from 40 hours to 20 hours. it's a start. back to the negotiation tables. this is starting to look more and more like the NHL lockout.

let's keep store unlocks at 40 hours.
move all consumables to a store unlock
make all equipment requisition projects 1 hour
add additional ways of generating reputation

if we can't get rid of the system, let's make some reasonable requests to help shape the way it's implemented.
More suggestions:

* Combine everything to just Marks....get rid of the 3 different types of marks
* All missions should provide generic Marks and dil...simplify the currencies and rewards
* cut the price down on the equipment req's...right now, it is double taxation...
* Give some kind of teaser daily rewards for folks to login

The old system, I could buy Mk XI gear with EDC and I knew what to expect...this new system is just too expensive. I have to grind to have the right to buy, then dump/grind more stuff to purchase?

I want to do Trek stuff, .... not farm things like Cartman in his mom's basement playing WOW.