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Originally Posted by plox21 View Post
Star Trek online forum is a disaster after season 7...

After the release of season 7 all you can read in the forum is how season 7 is bad and how you strugle to earn dilithium , ec and how hard the STF is.
Why is there no tutorials that will show players how and where to earn ec and dilithium , maybe a new tactic against STF enemy , as well as new builds and what powers are best against them?.
There is soo much posts on this forum against season 7 , we can just rename this STO-forum into I-HATE-SEASON-7-FORUM .
Did you just start playing this game when season 7 launched or after it launched??

Pre-season 7 you could grind out (by grind I mean fast) 8k dilithium in half an hour to an hour no problem, not to mention score a good amount of loot to trade in for dilithium and easily 100k or more ec all in that time and a huge variety of different methods.

Season 7 pretty much takes 3 times as long for 1/4 of the stuff so of course people are going to complain, and that's not even getting into now having a total of 3 systems that require large/huge amounts of resources.

you want ec, 500k fleet creds will net you about 16 mil if you play the common duty officer slave market right, want romulan marks, grind out radiation samples, fleet marks and omega marks check the pve queue, dilithium......hope you got most of the day.

equipment: well since they took all the end game weapons and gear away til you grind 10 hours a game for a few months buy whatever you can find on the exchange til you unlock the rep systems.

New tactics for STFs: yeah don't die.

Tactics for Season 7: win the lottery and buy dilithium, quit your job, divorce your spouse, forget about sleep and GRIND!!!!