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I'm thinking about simply swapping back to an all antiproton build, because that's what I've always used and I have consoles to boost AP and I don't have any phaser boosting consoles. So a more conventional AP build might be more practical for me even if it means abandoning some of the bells & whistles aspects of the vesta. However I'm returning to the game after a year's absence so this might be a completely retarded idea without me knowing it.
It'd make the deflector phaser not particularly useful, unless you compensate with more Particle Gen consoles, and you have to go back to the fragile balancing act of Aux vs. Wep power that an average Sci ship does. Nothing inherently wrong with going AP on it, though most Sci's go with an energy for it's effect. I was using Polarized Disruptors prior to the Vesta on my Sci, which is a nice dual-proc if you have maxed Flow Caps, though the Tac consoles for Disruptors are probably more expensive than Phaser via the Exchange. In the time you've been away the various energy procs got buffed, and the Phaser proc slightly nerfed (immunity for so many seconds on that target for that proc), while AP has stayed pretty much the same. Just a note, Mk XI blue consoles can be bought from the Dil Store.

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The thing with the Aux Cannons is that they are good in theory, but in practice actually can be... well clunky. They don't synergize well with other weapons at all. Simply because they are the only weapons we currently have access to that run on Aux. All other weapons (minus torps and mines) run off of weapon power. If you have 25/50/25/100 settings, only your aux cannons will be doing damage, while whatever you have on the rear, unless you are constantly shuffling power around (which most skilled players can do, but it's tedious as hell) will be insufferably weak.
I've been considering re-grabbing the Jem'Hadar engines just to give a bit more power to the rear weapons. My Eng in the Aventine with the Borg console on the Aventine and stacked Warp Core Potential/Efficiency can handle the load decently OK, but on my Sci that's bouncing between the versions I'm considering going 2x Tric mines in the back and one turret since the power demands are not being met very well. Once the adapted set is available, the extra power from the engines and/or two piece set can make most of the power issues go away with some minor adjustments.

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