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11-20-2012, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
They seem content to duplicate the worst of Chinese and Zynga game design.
I personally love all the nerfs, pricing scales,and unholy timers...I spend more time now dealing with real life issues, than playing this game.
And the game breaking bugs? AWESOME!!! I love my 102% Completed starbase assignment not clearing out.Leveling up an alt to 50, and having to drop, and reclaim a ship twice before it allowed me to slot boffs.Spawning at a fleet action, and told to leave the map in 10 seconds.Sorry, try again in half an hour.
I have mixed feelings about S-7,but the fact this game is sooo F'd up with bugs right now, and the complete indifference to fixing them is what really has me PO'd.
That redshirt, Totally got vaped!!!