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11-20-2012, 02:17 PM
OK, suggestions:

20 hours for all projects max.

Remove the token Dilithium cost for upgrading to the next Tier - it's insulting and smacks of Cryptic not being able to have the rep system their way.

Move all store projects to the 'upgrades' slot so we can continue to earn rep whilst buying stuff.

Store projects should take an hour at the most.

Extend the time for the BNP hand-in - seriously, why 15 seconds? That could take an hour and I wouldn't care - it's in an upgrade slot anyway.

Review the Doff requirements - for those of us not in a fleet and not wishing to join one, the Doff costs at Tier 1 alone are punitive.

Unlock the Omega Crates at Tier 1.

Re-introduce the optional and end-game loot for STFs (salvage can be replaced with Omega Marks and/or BNPs).
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