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11-20-2012, 01:20 PM
Part of the problem with Season 7 has been the reducing easy ways to get dilithium whilst adding more content that requires it, which creates an in-balance. People accepted the 8K limit whilst able to more easily gain dilithium and the requirements on that dilithium were achievable.

With the exception of the Star-base special projects and upgrades this generally didn't cause a ruckus.

Now it takes longer, and more content requires dilithium which fosters aggravation. The costings of the Omega engines being 80K someone has said? Fleet shields etc are approx 25K that's an achievable figure you could do in 4-7 days even as a casual players.

Fleet weapons 10K 2-4 days. Again some waiting but a finite achievable within a week figure.

Assimilated Console 15K, 10 might have been better but again an achievable figure. Its the swing to long term ie more than a week for a single player that has undermined player satisfaction.

Things like Starbase dilithium sinkholes are a problem for a small fleet. Which many are well under 20 active members. The costs of these just demotivates small groups to even try. Not every fleet has a Zen sugar daddy.

The 2nd part of the frustration is the loss of easily attainable fleet marks and I think two easy fixes here, add 480 dilithium reward to fleet actions, Romulan mark missions. Increase Officer the watch to give 50 fleet marks not just five and add 480 dilithium too. You get 480 for answering a question correctly at starfleet academy after all which takes even less time.

3rdly Add equipment drops across all missions,.

With a level playing field as regards rewards then players really can choose what they want to play. Taking away dilithium to give fleet marks is just creating another fleet mark event. If a consistent reward system was in place this would reintroduce choice whilst avoiding previous problem (ala cryptics view)of exploitable dil sources.

There has been negative posts about all three above and I think I am trying to suggest a reasonable balanced achievable solution to all but the most unreasonable player.

What do the rest of you think? Would the above help or not.

The above problems have overshadowed the new content, the new starbase embassy holdings, the new reputation system. Adding 640 dil for a ground mission to be more attractive is a good idea. If people get playing them then there might be feedback on how to improve ground action etc. This is what we should be talking about.