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11-20-2012, 02:27 PM
I fail to understand why it cannot offer both the 1440 Dilithium AND the 50 fleet marks.

Every type of gameplay needs to offer something of what is required to advance through the grindfest content. If they want to make it take a certain amount of time to complete objectives, then fine. Set timed lockouts on subsequent objectives, set the mark and dilithium costs high enough that it takes about the same amout of time for a lockout to expire before enough of either can be obtained. But if the community must jump through hoops to get anywhere, at least make them all count for something...

Why don't they get it that people are just not playing the game at all over these changes. If they are not playing then they aren't spending money. Not that it really matters. If proffits drop far enough, then they can just sunset the game and let it be a tax write-off. No skin off their noses.

The only ones who will lose in the end are the players.
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