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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
Well they have made the small fleet starbase easier in the requirements - just more grinding for the fleet marks. So while it is MUCH cheaper for the small fleets to reach T3 it will take much more time.

The large fleets just keep churming through players - the top people make the grunts contribute then toss them away if they don't.
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT......what drugs are you on and where can I get some???

They lowered the amount of duty officers needed for projects, and while common duty officers are no longer selling on the exchange for 100k or more the overall cost hasn't really gone down that much. There are still plenty (more than not) projects that cost 100k plus dilithium for the lower tiers (actually some of the provisioning ones are 200k dil) and most of them still require around 1 mil EC or more.

The lowered 1 middle range item some, nothing more than that. Nothing to REALLY help the smaller fleets. 50k-100 max dilithium on a project would be a help, 10 doffs per mission would be a help. Right now it's the equivalent of throwing a shovel full of dirt in the Grand Canyon.