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11-20-2012, 01:32 PM
come on guys!

Don't we all need these beautiful enhancements for our wonderfully useful embassies? I know I doooooo!

I am going to buy $300 in Zen then convert it to some dilithium to get this glorious enhancement. Maybe I can just donate some money to PWE and Cryptic too!

My tiny fleet will be able to go in, and watch the .. things.. float around in water..

Oye, I think I've had too much romulan ale.

I wonder how many people get these things? I mean, they keep crappin them out from a couple hours of work a month. I wonder if the designers of this stuff are upset that their work is being attacked because of the price tag set on it.

If it was 20k Sure, maybe even 50k, but 200K is craziness.. especially considering how much the market is in the trash bin at the moment.