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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
Your argument/logic is flawed, since it's based on the current Holodeck build. Once this Tribble build goes live, and the Daily reward is removed, THEN you can use your argument to counter mine. Until then, I stick by my convictions, in suggesting that Fleet Actions will become an even greater wasteland than it currently is.

By your own numbers;

5 Starbase 24's = 5 x 20 players = 100 players
3 Gorn Minefields = 3 x 20 players = 60 players
1 Breaking the Planet with 16/20 people
2 Klingon Scout Force = 2 x 20 players = 40 players
1 Big Dig with 5/20 people

What happened to all those "Big numbers" of F2P players, Cryptic? By my count, this list above shows fewer than 250 people either in a Fleet Action, or queued for one. Granted, it's no longer the "best" source for Dilithium, but still.
The logic is not flawed, because out of those people, 116 were doing fleet actions that NEVER have a daily attached to them, and are doing so only for the native rewards, WHICH ARE NOT BEING CHANGED.

An additional 100 are doing fleet actions which have a daily attached, but which is not today's. While conceivably some of them are doing holdover dailies, it's unlikely that consistently over an entire day, half of the Fleet Action participants are doing so.

5 were doing the daily. That instance filled shortly after I posted, but so did Breaking the Planet, which NEVER has a daily attached.

In other words, the segment of that data set that would be affected by this patch was a ROUNDING ERROR, and even in a giggle-worthy fringe case scenario less than half could possibly be.

Just to do a second data set: Right now, the game is up to 14 concurrent fleet actions as we head into busier hours, only 4 of which are ever eligible for a daily and ZERO of which are today's daily. Meaning well over 200 people are participating in fleet actions as I type, and not a single one is doing today's daily, and less than a third could theoretically be doing a leftover daily. They are doing them for the native rewards, which are not being changed, meaning what's happen right this second would not be in any way affected by this patch.

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