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11-20-2012, 01:44 PM
You know how they used to write TNG scripts (i've heard) is that the main writer would just have the word [tech] in there wherever he needed technobabble, then hand it over to their technobabble experts to fill in the blanks.

For example:

LaForge: Captain, we have a problem, the [tech] is [tech]. But I think if we [tech] the [tech] we can get out of this.
Picard: Very well, Mr. LaForge, [tech] the [tech].
LaForge: Captain, the [tech] didn't work, but if we reverse the [tech], then we can [tech].
Picard: Reverse the [tech], Mr. LaForge.

You could always do that. Just stick in [tech] where you need help and post the whole dialogue here, we can help fill in the blanks. Just be prepared for a certain amount of silliness.
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