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11-20-2012, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
I feel you're confused. The waiting for a project completing isn't the same as you playing the game. Dilithium was always meant to be for game play
And what makes you assume that I wasn't actively logged into the game for much of the time spent "waiting" ?

But sure, i'll play your game... If Dilithium is only awarded for time-based activities (time spent ACTIVELY playing), why do any content that doesn't require active gametime, have any requirement for Dilithium? DOff assignments such as the "General Recruitment", Store Projects in the new Reputation Grind... err System. These things are set-and-forget and take many hours to complete. Hours "likely" not spent in the game.

And thou I seek a dev response, I know this will fall on deaf ears... Why have "Store Projects" at all? Why don't I "unlock" access to buying the gear immediately from the store? Why must I spend 40 hours per project, to get "awarded" an item, rather than buying it right now?

I asked Mr BranFlakes over Twitter, but didn't get any clear response to it...

If Dilithium is a time-based currency, why hasn't Cryptic added Dilithium to every scrap of content that requires a certain amount of time? I can run a 5-man STF that takes 15 min, and get 960 Dilithium. But if I run one of Cryptic's "Episodes" that sometimes can take 30-45 min to complete, I get 0 Dilithium. Make sense?