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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
that should work fine i would imagine for an eng. as well as anything will work with an eng. an eng with a sci ship though, i have seen energy weapons builds work well, with as many points and consoles into flow cap as possible for max tetryon glider damage.
Here is the build I had/have originally, from top to bottom:

  1. Anti-proton Beam Array; Chroniton Torpedo; Anti-proton Dual Beam Bank; dual Chroniton Beam Bank
  2. Full Borg Set
  3. Anti-proton Beam Array; Chroniton Torpedo; Temporal Disruption Device
  4. Sub-space Field Modulator; weapons battery; Shield Battery
  5. Rare Neutronium MK XI; Rare Neutronium Mk X; Uncommon Ablative hull Plating MK XI
  6. Tipler Cylinder; Field Generator; Field Generator; Shield Emitter (all rare MK XI)
  7. Tachyokinetic Converter; Assimilated Module; Subspace Jump

  1. Engineering Team I; Aux power to structural Integrity II; Reverse Shield Polarity III
  2. Tactical Team I; Torpedo Spread II
  3. Engineering team I (I know that's redundant - I'll change that to something else probably)
  4. Hazard Emitters I; Polarize Hull Plating II; Tractor Beam III; Gravity Well III
  5. Science Team I; Jam Sensors II

As for doffs, I think I had 2 rare shield doffs, a technician that provided +15 auxiliary power. I think I also had a Nurse that provided incredible crew recovery, and a rare projectile doff. (One, I think, might have been a Tholian warfare specialist; against borg).
At the moment, I haven't been able to sell anything, so I don't have the EC to buy what I need in terms of doffs.

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