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Originally Posted by obsidiusrex View Post
Very impressive stuff Although I would have preferred that the Altai had remained a wide, strong river, instead of the more creek-like tributary it currently resembles. Was this changed due to lack of swimming tech in STO (required for traversing a big, deep river on foot)?
We don't have swimming, so I can't make any body of water (you can access) more than about waist deep. And the designers needed playspace on the sides, which ate into the river a bunch.

Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Statues, tents, the big pink blob you call "nanov"... All these got smaller over the time!
Uh, not sure. I guess we like to go over the top in most things to start, and then try dialing it back to something more reasonable.

A lot of this can simply be attributed to polish. As everything starts coming together, the things that aren't right become obvious, and get pulled in line with the rest. The pillars in front of the main city gate were this way. I put them in because I thought they would look good. As we got things more finalized, we decided that they needed to be impressive, but not so much as to overpower the gate, hence they got shrunk.

The Nanov was stupidly large to begin with. Like, to the point that if you walked up to it, you couldn't even see it's eyes. I don't know that any of the tents shrunk?

They trees appear to get smaller, but the largest ones stayed the same size, we just wanted to get more variety out of them so they didn't all appear to be the same size everywhere.
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