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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Seriously, whats with the TSI bashing? Bitter much? Not to mention double standards as most players did the same as we did, if not esscalated it by adding in the p2w, while complaining.

Atleast we made these issues surface so something could be done with it. We left because people resorted to p2w and the heavy dependency of it. There was nothing more to gain from it as people bought their victory instead of earning it like true pvp`s by the abilities given to all fairly. That Cryptic cant balance the game isnt our problem, but we make them AWARE of them.

Try GW2 for a change where you cant buy skills or an easy victory. I bet those who do some will come back to STO crying that they found it too hard.
Oh, so you're using weapons, consoles and gear you earned through playing missions? I know many people that can't afford a single purple XII weapon/console. If you lived by your word then you would only be using rewards that you earned in-game for your equipment and ship because not everyone can afford good XI or XII gear. If you are using good XI or XII gear then you effectively have an advantage over someone that can't afford to spend tens if not hundreds of millions of EC on the exchange to get that gear and it completely invalidates your entire argument as being hypocritical.