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11-20-2012, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by chroncrossed2 View Post
I already tried changing mine to 768 in game options (it still crashed on 1024+) and haven't had time to really test it yet. I have not tried looking for a max performance setting on my Intel integrated card either. I don't remember seeing that in there last time I was looking for something else though.

If you are correct it would appear that both intel and nvidia would have both coincidentally just now included that setting only on their new drivers (because old ones don't seem to crash the game, at least for me). Anyway, I'll try it and see if it fixes things. If not, then I will stick with the old driver for now. I really do not notice any problems with my old driver elsewhere on my system so I may just be one of the lucky ones where using an outdated driver has no ill-effect elsewhere.
I don't think it was a driver update that did it. I think it was something that Cryptic wrecked on their end. My drivers are the same ones that I was playing Season 6 with flawlessly.

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