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11-20-2012, 03:46 PM
sorry whats that ? i cant hear you from Auraxis having too much fun and blowing **** up to give a rats ass about those money grabbing theiving bastards at cryptic/pwe. Seriously everyone should get out whilst they can with their sanity and healthy bank accounts in tact. Put an end to the robbery and find a fun mmo. Why punish yourselves anymore ?

Check out planetside at for a fun mmo that isnt pay to win and you dont have to sacrifce your first unborn child for a project.

The balls in your court Mr Stahl its up to you to grow a pair and accept the feedback that the community has been giving you and accept the asian mmo grind model just wont work in STO.

This post has been edited to restore content which was wrongfully edited out. There was nothing which violated PWE rules and I thankfully ask you branflakes to be more considerate. You may try and silence the dissatisfaction on the forums but it just makes you look silly to be honest.

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