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11-20-2012, 03:58 PM
I am only spending on this one big bundle, so I kinda want my three fed mains (one of each type) to fly the corresponding type of Vesta. (I have one of each class feds on my alt account that I can do Mobius or Wells or other ships if I want.) I agree that the three are very similiar so why would I use all three, but I think I am finding ways to make them play quite different.

Hmm while I noticed that I could use multiples on the aux cannons, I had thought that would be a bad idea because by having one aux and one drawing on weapons (and one quantum torp) I could spread the power drain around. However, while the drain is limited that way, it means I have to keep both aux and weapon power up high to begin with. Since I need to have high aux for sci powers anyway maybe I should switch over to all aux, especially on my sci guy.

Maybe I will do something else for my tac guy. Maybe I wont have cannons at all on my eng guy. who knows.