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11-20-2012, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by purvee1 View Post
Its crippling ours. We started off at 100 people, and where slowly growing, and I put allot of stuff into that starbase. I know there's a few otehrs who put jsut as much. but Our fleet leader has been bankrupting all his toons to try and keep the Dil supply up, and he's getting pissed. We've lost a few others as well. I would not claim that 100 Members is a small fleet.

I checked all our starbase upgrades today, each and every one needs 200K Dil. So that's 1mill dil needed to advance, and thats not even looking at the Embassay.

I have 400 fleet marks sitting there, there's several other fleet members in the same boat. Never going to be able to buy anything with it, as we can't afford to upgrade the damn starbase due to the unobtainable ammount of Dil needed.

And that's on the Klingon side! So I hate to think what the poor feds are suffering.

The irony is I was looking at buying some Zen the other day but this (and the KDF thing) put me off. So I'm hording my miniscule ammount of Dil to buy Zen instead, which adds to the drain...
Then join my fed fleet, we always have tons of dil but no fleetmarks to fill the insane requirements. I feel like a zombie farming stupid content again and again; i'd just buy progresses for dil if i was able to. We're not a big fleet but we're organized, so the main issue isn't dil but fleetmarks. Most of us are old stf-ers sitting on tons of ore anyway...

I'm also in a kdf fleet, it's the same issue, i've never been able to put any dil in any projects, but we always need more fleetmarks. Unfortunately the starbase missions are getting quite old and boring now...