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Besides, is the prime directive actually the correct philosophy to follow?

Neither is trying to justify it to yourself by pretending that helping them would bring about potentially worse consequences.. unless you are clairvoyant. And if you CAN see the future and choose the least terrible option regardless of the cost in the present then you are STILL having to justify playing God.
Seriously if a rule makes you go against your morals and common sense its pretty clear its become an immoral rule. Even a barely coherent caveman can see that, no fancy starships needed if you have a bit of common sense!
The Prime Directive is actually your primary directive, so following it is not optional.

The fact that we DON'T know the potential consequences is why we are not allowed to interfere.

Aha... so we have a universal moral and common sense now? Your's, or the Tal Shiars? Or the Borg moral? Do you suppose it's ok for US to enforce OUR moral code on other civilizations? When we know that our own "moral code" is changing topsy-turvy every decade or so?

Single exceptions from the prime directive CAN be made, because no rule can predict every situation. But when we DO, we must be SURE that the consequences will be worse if we don't. We must know it. And we must know all the consequences! Taking sides in an internal conflict is so beyond this that I lack word to emphasize it enough.

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OP, reading the quote it doesn't say they struck at refugees. I would imagine if anything they struck at Tal Shiar forces. Why would you assume they attacked refugees?
The Tal Shiar had their home destroyed, they're scattered and in search of a new home. That does not make them refugees? Then neither is the rest of the Romulan population.

If someone, regardless of the reason, or what organization he's part of, or what crimes he may have committed, has his home destroyed and is forced to relocate in search of a new place to call home, he's a refugee. Torn clothes and lack of resources is not mandatory. (it just makes it easier to get sympathy)