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I've already fine tuned all my builds for the best balance of survival and damage output (which has cost me DPS on my escort) I'm afraid I can't do any more for my ships and I still get 1 shotted frequently, as for "derping the NPCs", they've reduced the damage on crits and (with the exception of ISOs) crits only and they have made the DoT more survivable. You can only recover from these things if you have time to do so.
True. You can only heal if you have time to push the button. But remember, you can't have it all. I specced my Oddy for damage. Of this you are fully aware. As a direct result, I sacrificed quite a bit of survivability. But it's a decision I can live with. I can't tank as well as I should, but tbh, I find it more fun that way. I am always seconds from death, and if I screw up even one cycle, I get nova'd. Fine by me, means I have to pay attention and actually have to think and play properly.

They also said that they are scaling back the DPS on all enemies, with the stronger enemies being nerfed more than the weaker ones. But it doesn't change the fact that they are greatly reducing the damage output of the enemies. Which will make npcs a joke again and the wimps will shut up. I cannot condone this, even if I must accept it.
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