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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
Have you actually looked at the mark requirements for the rep missions? You can do one eSTF and have enough marks for the rest of the week, plus some. Same w/ the Romulan stuff and it's daily patrol mission.
Here are some suggestions I made in some other threads, sorry if this is a repeat for others......

More suggestions:

* Combine everything to just Marks....get rid of the 3 different types of marks
* All missions should provide generic Marks and dil...simplify the currencies and rewards
* cut the price down on the equipment req's...right now, it is double taxation...
* Give some kind of teaser daily rewards for folks to login

The old system, I could buy Mk XI gear with EDC and I knew what to expect...this new system is just too expensive. I have to grind to have the right to buy, then dump/grind more stuff to purchase?

I want to do Trek stuff, .... not farm things like Cartman in his mom's basement playing WOW.