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True. You can only heal if you have time to push the button. But remember, you can't have it all. I specced my Oddy for damage. Of this you are fully aware. As a direct result, I sacrificed quite a bit of survivability. But it's a decision I can live with. I can't tank as well as I should, but tbh, I find it more fun that way. I am always seconds from death, and if I screw up even one cycle, I get nova'd. Fine by me, means I have to pay attention and actually have to think and play properly.
Yeah, I know I can't have the best of everything, I accepted that when I built my first multi-purpose build but achieving the fine balance between DPS build and tank build that should count for something.

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They also said that they are scaling back the DPS on all enemies, with the stronger enemies being nerfed more than the weaker ones. But it doesn't change the fact that they are greatly reducing the damage output of the enemies. Which will make npcs a joke again and the wimps will shut up. I cannot condone this, even if I must accept it.
As for this, the higher damage enemies are going to suffer most if they do it percentage based but all they have said is that they are doing it, they haven't said how much they are doing it, it may not (should not) make NPCs a low powered joke however they should not be so powerful as to make the causal player a joke either. I have a friend who effectively tells me where to stick myself at the very mention of the term "DPS" (even if it isn't me saying it) and in all fairness they have a point, I'm all for harder enemies, by which I mean enemies with abilities and an AI with a sense of self preservation playing by our rules (maybe with a few upgrades in the borg department), that would provide a challenge and would make me happy without getting facerolled.

(Sorry about the long paragraph)