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11-20-2012, 04:24 PM
Changes brought on by players in the system..
subnuke and snb version 1 was alot of talk about it in season 1

In season 1 people used hull tanking strategy's, mainly because of Coffee Crews/dob's Target shield stacking so you didn't even have shields anyhow.

Aux2sif, in its first version was a selfheal that was really bad. And Transfear shield strenght was like 200shield heal on each facing in the begining & awhole lot of powers where changed to the better but healing got buffed really good with season2

In season 2 all people switch to shield resist defense setups.

Csv in season 1 is a 1 attack ability that offer as much as boarding party currently.
Biological finds out about CSV3 doing insane damage and we use a 4man dps csv team for our kdf premades, eventually gets fixed (takes several months)

Scramble sensors become a Power to hinder the healing teams because people are making better healing setups for months, to combat this people use Gravity wells, scramble sensors and CBP3 x2 with two sci to put good pressure and then spike.
Faw 1.0 does with dualbeam like 800%more damage per shot on a single target.

Scramble sensors get nerfed, Tactical team get buffed wasn't even initially thought to be that powerful and Carriers are made worse but not by that much.
Faw 2.0 100% accuracy

Doffs, Shield distribution doff was imminently targeted as being too powerful even in the beta on tribble, and now we have the change.

New Faw the current version is garbage because it doesn't check [Acc] modifiers and frankly have like 70% or so hit rate.

Frankly It doesn't take a skilled premade to use 5 copys of grav pulse and self defense skills like ams, to beat badly made pugs or half arsed premades the skills in themselves are broken sure 3minute cooldown that totaly wrecks their opponents.

Good premade will still beat bad ones.