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11-20-2012, 05:25 PM
In any case, the FM rewards from fleet missions should be raised as well. Outside of the FM bonus hours, the rewards are an utter joke. Not all of us can work our schedules around being around for the bonus hours either. Fleet Alert gives 17, assuming you get a team that isn't hopeless and go the whole way. It's been a long time since I've done a Blockade outside of the bonus hours, but I know that the BEST I've ever gotten was around 60 during bonus hours, and that was with one more transport saved than can normally be saved if you protect every single one without fail (due to the transports timing out even if their transfers are in progress when the timer tolls, still haven't quite figured out how to replicate that). I'd imagine that since it looks like each transport saved gets at least one less FM outside of bonus hours, the reward is going to look pretty dismal, particularly if you get just an average team with no leeches. I might even be satisfied if they just bumped all the rewards up to bonus hour levels at all times, and then raise the bonus rewards a bit. Otherwise, at higher starbase levels, it's just an absurd grind for even one project, especially for small to medium fleets. We can finish out all our dilithium requirements long before the FM requirements, so there goes any incentive for buying Zen to fuel our dilithium needs.