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Sounds like a terrible idea for a Trek series. A Trek show that's grimdark sometimes would work, but a grimdark Trek series sounds like crap.
And yet look what the Federation has had to endure in rapid succession:

The Battle of Wolf 359 which decimated the fleet. The Klingon withdrawal from the Khiotmer Accords which while relatively brief cost a lot of lives and resources for the Federation. The Dominion War which was even more protracted and costly. The Federation is weak, though they were victorious. But I think that the "something wrong" in Starfleet that Admiral Chekov mentioned has to do with cynicism amd paranoia on the part of the younger andmiralty to come into their rank in the aftermath of all this. For these people, who would have been captains on the front lines durring the bloodiest periods in Federation history, a form of totalitarian control may seem like the right thing to do to ensure security for the Federation, but at the cost of the freedoms and valuse that it enjoyed for so long...

The events political events of TNG and DS9 shaped Starfleet into something less than an organization for peaceful exploration and more of a defensive, militaristic organization. One that almost got hosed by the Borg, the Klingons and the Dominion all within the span of about fifteen years. It needs fixing. And if it takes a gang of outlaws on an ugly ship to do it, then so be it.

They are getting really close to hitting the goal. only $16,123.00 left and 5 days.

I'm curious to see what they can do with this. But we won't find out unless they secure funding.
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