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11-20-2012, 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by zorandra View Post

Frankly It doesn't take a skilled premade to use 5 copys of grav pulse and self defense skills like ams, to beat badly made pugs or half arsed premades the skills in themselves are broken sure 3minute cooldown that totaly wrecks their opponents.

Good premade will still beat bad ones.
By the same argument, it doesn't take skilled players to run 4-5 100% acc fawboats either. Spiral up until your above them and when you hit the ceiling start heading down. Ok, let's say you actually DID get the devs to change it by your abuse of the power when you knew it was OP. So your rationale is find the most broken or OP ability there is, ramp it up as much as possible to really get under people's skin, and then ruin people's days with it in the queues until it forces the devs to fix it. Then find the next best thing, rinse and repeat? In the process you've made pvp very unfun for a lot of people while proving your point. Does the end justify the means or do you not care for the fun of others? I guess by your guys definition of scrub, as long as you win, that's what matters since you play to win.