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Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
The Prime Directive is actually your primary directive, so following it is not optional.

The fact that we DON'T know the potential consequences is why we are not allowed to interfere.
Again, you don't know if the consequences would be worse or not than the current problem. By following a rule blindly you are simply deciding to not make a choice and potentially a catastrophe could happen. What you said is pretty scary for other reasons though, if following it is not optional then starfleet is not made up of freewilled thinking people anymore. Sad day indeed!

That's the problem you see, in order to create cheap/false drama writers have made teh prime directive some sacred rule... which its not. It can't be, not if you want an universe populated by thinking beings.

Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
Aha... so we have a universal moral and common sense now? Your's, or the Tal Shiars? Or the Borg moral? Do you suppose it's ok for US to enforce OUR moral code on other civilizations? When we know that our own "moral code" is changing topsy-turvy every decade or so?
Silly pvehero, how is the prime directive any different? You are forcing a non choice on others. Others that might very well welcome some well meaning interference if it might avert a tragedy. By not interfering when you clearly must all you do is keep your hands clean and convince yourself you took the moral high road.... tsk, tsk.