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11-20-2012, 05:38 PM
Ok i logged in to post a solution for you.
When you have the patch server error, trying to go to

If you can not get to that website, then you have the same issues I had.
This is due to some how perfect world or cryptic or who ever that runs the servers blocks a region of ip.

Short answers the server firewall is blocking your ip.

Now here is the solution on how to fix this.

For those technically minded. You can use a VPN to play the game.

For those not into computers here is a step by step solution.

1. goto
2. download their vpn client, and install it.
3. run the vpn and connect to the launcher that way
4. once you are logged in and on the character selection screen. hit escape and log out of the game but leave the game client running.
5. alt tab out of the game client and turn off the vpn (this is because the vpn is free and its slow, you want your own connection when play the game)
6. go back to the game client and re-log into the game and play.