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Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
Keep in mind, my tank is an Engineer. Some of my skill points are invalid. However, I'll give you my build anyway. You can prolly use it.

A few notes, since that was published around S6 Launch:
1: Replace the Paratrinic Shield with the Assimilated Regenerative Array. It may have a lower cap, but it has an unGODly regen rate, and you will have a LOT of shield heals.
2: In the Commander Engineering Bridge Officer Slot, replace the Lieutenant-slot power Aux to Dampers with Aux to Batteries. It also helps if you have a purple Technician DOff on active for the BOff Power cooldown reduction. For this, I recommend your power levels be 60 Weapon, 60 Shield, 25 Engine, 55 Aux. Aux to Bat will drain aux into everything else, like a miniature EPS Power Transfer.
3: The Ensign Science Slot is basically whatever you want it to be. I like Mask Energy Signature, but it's not a requirement. Feel free to swap that for anything. Polarize Hull might not be a bad idea.
4: Engineering Team 3 is trained by Engineering Captains, you'll have to find someone to train it. However, it IS 10,094 Hull every 30 seconds (about 18% of the Odyssey's hull), so it's MORE than worth it.
5: Reverse Shield Polarity comes from Purple Engineering BOffs. On the exchange, you should be able to find one pretty cheap. I specced a friend of mine into this build, and the BOff was 7.7k EC.
6: The Lieutenant Commander Universal can be anything. I like the added damage. Torpedo Spread 3 comes with the Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer from Facility 4028.

This build, when done properly, can survive fire from an Elite-difficulty Tactical Cube almost indefinitely, but your reaction time must be EXCELLENT. Your primary damage is AoE (Fire at Will and Torp Spread). This is to get aggro on you, so that your team can wipe the enemies without much issue.

Thanks for the feedback, and even though I am a Tac Officer, I have a few of those Eng skills such as Reverse Shield Polarity and Engineering Team. The next time I go ingame, I am gonna be training my BOFFs in a few of these skills. I decided to stick with the Tetryon Beams now, but added turrets to the aft slots. I found that for me, that worked better than the plasma beams. I am still experimenting around though, and may get a retrain token here before long.