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for ground gear you may want the advanced fleet armor with 80% crit severity. incredible dmg boost.
i prefer the operative kit (there is no MK XI version^^) and an antiproton shotgun (pulsewave) to take out an entire grp of enemies at once...atleast in fleetactions thats possible, not in stfs.
i allways use 2 set parts of the MACO to get the shieldheal and 3 parts for stfs...MK X is sufficent. That you must get, it's obligatory.
gambling machine is the way to go for a tactical...not a tribble. if you havent got a gambling machine, get a tribble that gives + dmg.

your ship is severly other words not really elite stf fit.

too many projectile weapons...rainbow energy weapons, go for one type.

this would be my suggestion. 2 tac teams is obligatory actually to keep shields facing allways at the side you are fired upon.
Tractor beam repulsor is a hell of an allround ability...keeps heavy plasma torpedos clear, works as croud control in many, many situations...or is simply an amazing kinetic damage ability against stationary targets.
you can use the jem hadar set, but use the full set...i would suggest 3 piece borg though. or 2 jem hadar + the borg deflector. or 2 MACO /KHG
you are too late to get all the good stuff for free, since before season 7, equipping your ship (character) with MK XII purples was kind of childs it expensive and takes forever.
But what you need is the assimilated console...obligatory! and put it into an engineering console slot.
turnrate consoles on a cruiser are a waste. get some universal consoles like subspace jump. the 2 neutronium in icegavels ship are OK, but plz do not waste your tactical console slots with the same conoles he has...get 2 phaser dmg consoles and use atleast 6 beam arrays...with max power to weapons. or if you stick with the jem hadar set use a polaron setup, you get 7.6% more dmg with 2 pieces as a bonus. (consoles, beams)
torpedos: either quantum or photons in PVE, forget the rest and forget mines.

your setup should be something like: forward weapons: 3x beam array 1x quantum torp launcher (if possible the 180 degree version from the regent)
or even 4x beam array
aft weapons: 4x beam array

which energy weapon type is your personal preference...plasma or tetryon are very cheap to get on the exchange. consoles and weapons

most successfull tac cruiser builts are beam only, and they use atleast 2 times EPtW 1 or 2 to work against the energy drain. Those are actually the cruisers that can really hurt, even in PVP.

there are also many excellent builds on the forum...just google STO cruiser builds and look around before you respec or buy stuff. is an excellent thread for this subject.
i urge you to read through this thread a little before doing anything.
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