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Hello all! I just wanted to post this to get some feedback about how I could improve my toon.

Vice Admiral Setok

Career: Tactical Officer

Shields: Mk XII Advanced Fleet Personal Shields

Armour: Mk XI Jem'Hadar Body Armour

Weapons: Mk XI Phaser Sniper Rifle (Anit-Borg)*
Mk XI Tetryon Full Auto Rifle

Kit: Mk XI Tact - Operative
Personally I prefer the fire team kit, but then I prefer to go all out.

Devices: Fluidic Tribble
Frequency Remodulator
There's two items I'd recommend you get - the Ophidian Cane and the Shard of Possibilies. Both are rewards for completing the final mission of the featured episodes during their initial release and during replay events. Luckily for you there's a replay event coming up in December.

Ophidian cane holds your opponents
Shard of possibilities spawns two clones of you.

Setok has been trained in nerve pinches, is highly logical, and has honed his skills in improving weapons functionality (Gorund & Space)

U.S.S. Lexington NCC-91701-B

Type: Oddysey Operations Cruiser

Fore: Mk VII Tetryon Beam Array (Uncommon)
Mk XI Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Rare)
Mk XI Tetryon Beam Array (Rare)
Mk X Transphasic Torpedo Launcher (Uncommon)

Deflector: Mk XI Jem'Hadar Deflector Dish

Engines: Mk XII Combat Impulse Engines

Shields: Mk XI Jem'Hadar Resilient Shield Array
Personally I'd recommend you get the Borg deflector, Borg engines and the MACO shield. 2-piece Borg set gets you a helpful hull heal proc, while the MACO shield probably the best shield for feds.

Aft: Mk XII Phaser Beam Array (Rare)
~ Retrofit Blue Phaser Beam Array (Rare)
Mk XII Chroniton Mine Launcher (Uncommon)
Mk XI Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Rare)

I'd recommend sticking to one energy weapon type, as specific energy type consoles give a better boost then generic ones. If you're stuck on using torps, I'd recommend you use 6 beam arrays.
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