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# 1 Vesta class NPCs?
11-20-2012, 06:18 PM
The launch of Season Six introduced a number of new NPC mobs for many of the factions, most notably the Feds. They got:
  • Galaxy class cruiser with Saucer Seperation and Antimatter Spread
  • Rhode Island science vessel with Photonic Duplicate
  • Intrepid class science vessel with Ablative Generators
  • Nebula class science vessel with Tachyon Detection Grid
  • Armitage class battleship with hangars and Photon Torpedo Point Defense
  • Prometheus class battleship with MVAM

As you've probably noticed, these are the NPC version of several C-store ships. Rhode Island = Science Vessel refit, etc.

Now that the new Vesta line has hit the C-store, will we get an NPC version? I imagine it would be Battleship-level.
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