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Originally Posted by steelerodd View Post
Anyone find a work around yet?
Not yet for solo play. I've heard, but not tried, that going as a group will get you through. I just don't know how far or if everyone gets credit.

S'taass is the hangup (using lv 45 KDF). So far I do everything in order including side quests.

Part 1: Disarming Diplomats
1) Talk to S'taass and take all 3 of his quests and complete them.
2) Talk to Capt. Shon
3) Talk to Rugan Skyl and acquire the Kanar
4) Talk to Ambassador Surah and get the Holosuite reservation.
5) Find the missing Admiral and go to the conference.

Part 2: Conference Conflicts
After the Admiral is done talking I follow the mission tracker for who to convince first.

1) Convince Skyl: Use the "What about your family?" dialog to advance to the "Mission Completion" dialog box.
2) Convince Surah: Use the "This isn't about balance, this is about stopping the Borg" dialog to advance to the "Mission Completion" dialog box.
3) Convince Shon: Use the "I thought that mutual protection was one of the tenets" dialog to advance to the "Mission Completion" dialog box.
4) Convince S'taass: Use "You talk about honor. Doesn't your honor require you to fight with all your strength against an enemy like the Borg?" dialog. Go to "Is it honorable to hold back your full strength in a fight?".

From there I haven't been able to get the correct dialog box from the options available. Takes awhile to get to this point so I haven't gone any further yet.

Good luck.

After leaving DS-9 conference room by beaming to ship, I went to Qo'noS and did a different mission. Returned to DS-9 and completed this part of the mission without any problems. Currently working on "Boldly They Rode" with out any problems so far.

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