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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I can't really tell what you're trying to say here. You've made rather passionate arguments for both sides ("anything goes" or "you shouldn't use cheese") even though they seem quite stubbornly opposed.
Is it payed stuff? Then i oppose, but ONLY because almost everyone else is doing payed stuff, we feel pressured to do the same to not fall behind.

Is it a skill/ability given to all like FAW, HY3 etc? Then by all means go bananas, just like how we did FAW boats, CBP+PSW, PSW chaining, VM+SNB, RSP+FBP etc etc. The list goes on.
We found out good builds in synergy as a TEAM, and made wonders. Why should we then be punished for being smart and clever with builds, when its Cryptic job to balance and develope?
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