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Originally Posted by outerdemon View Post
I posted this in the tribble section, but I got no response. So I'll repost it here.

I just transferred my toon to tribble. The patch cancelled all my running projects and reset me back to 0 rep with both groups. I should be at 11,200 rep with both factions. It did still give me my tier 1 passives though. I hope you don't push this live, as it is.

My brother plays the game and the same thing happened to him. You are gonna make a ton of people mad when this goes live.
It's probably the same type of purposeful glitch that doesn't let you transfer your Fleet over to Tribble.

They probably set it up that way to keep people from jumping to higher Tiers somehow.

It's likely that something like that wouldn't become apparent on Holodeck because we don't "transfer" our characters back, from Tribble.
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