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Originally Posted by saltypineapple View Post
Same here on textures not loading properly, quickly, or at all. I noticed this on tribble prior to S7 going live and chalked it up to it being tribble but I was dismayed when on holodeck after S7 went live that the low rez texture bug followed.

I tried /videoMemoryMax command in the chat console and set it to 1000MB and 2000MB (I'm using twin MSI GTX580 Lightning cards in SLI each card equipped with 3GB of video memory) and nothing. Inputting /showmem 1 shows a 800MB video memory overload.
Same here. I also noticed it on Tribble server and assumed it was intentional because it was for testing and working out bugs, not making the game look pretty. Then it went live at S7 launch.

A few days ago someone's bridge officer on New Romulus looked horrible. Completely grey. I zoomed in for a closer look and it looked as if the textures weren't even finished on it. Also this problem makes my character uniforms look smeared. Edit: I should have taken a screen shot of that.

I have my in game video settings all the way up. I haven't changed them since before season 7. I did try turning up and down all the texture qualities and all and it didn't fix it.


Oh for the love of.......My character had his eyes closed when I took his picture.

Edit: I have a nVidia Geforce GT240 graphics card. Everything was great until season 7 launched and there have been no updated drivers or any settings changed since S7 so I doubt the problem is on our end.
I use to be with it. But I don't remember what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me.

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