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Originally Posted by usscapital View Post
how is it being geedy ? same amount of time for a teir 2 project compaired to a teir 1 , would not 10 or 12 hours be a better choice for teir 1 and 20-24 for teir 2 and so forth ? .

be grateful are you joking or taking the urine ? , they are giving us very little and tbh this is not asking for the earth
That's rather disgusting... even I wouldn't use a human waste metaphor like that one.
(and I've been known to step over the line on many an occasion)

I agree that it should have been set up in a more 'step-like' process...

But we got what we got...

Apparently the amount of whining and moaning here in the forums (and probably the large numbers of folks who just stopped playing the game over the last few days), was sufficient to get Them to reconsider...

If further actions taken by the player-base are not to Cryptic's liking, there will probably be further 'adjustments' made.

But I still believe that a bit of gratitude can't hurt.
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