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Originally Posted by anonymoose666 View Post
What about the feedback you have gotten regarding length of time vs reward for the foundry daily? You guys have made it so that a mission has a take a minimum of 20 minutes to quality for the daily, so that means a minimum of 1 hour(and very likely more) for a measly 1440 dilithium. Thats the same amount you get from an exploration daily you can finish in 20 minutes total. Are you going to be reducing the number of missions required or increasing the reward?
The number of players that were earning 1440 dilithium on all of their ALTs by running simple Foundry missions (ie - click one thing on Earth Space Dock) and then selling that Dilithium to the exchange, then buying it back on their main forced us to make this change.

If you want the 1440 Dilithium from the Foundry daily - you must play a Foundry mission that "qualifies" - meaning it has to be at least 15 minutes of gameplay.

We've held off on making this change in the hopes that players would police the simple missions and have them removed - but it just didn't happen.

If we had a better solution for the Foundry daily, we would go with it - but for now - Sorry you have to play at least a 15 minute long mission.

We will look into increasing the reward if the average length of Foundry missions that players are playing is greater than 15 minutes - but we're waiting to see if players will stop using these missions as an "easy" way to get Dilithium.