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11-20-2012, 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
If They had just taken the time to create ONE New KDF Mission a month over the last year...,
(or even One Every-Other Month)

Much of the current and on-going Klingon Wrath could have been avoided.

Same holds true for the PvP Gang.

They didn't even have to be new Maps, most players would have settled for old maps with just a bit of tweeking to make it a bit different.

Hell, PvP'ers would have settled for ANY map, with open conflict.
Well, it does seem that Cryptic has put a lot of focus and resources into developing new systems for season 6 and season 7. In the future as Cryptic hires more STO devs, I hope that dev resources can be evenly divided between systems and mission making.

Addressing your pvp concerns, it would be cool it if the devs figured out a way to integrate the entire pvp system into the Fleet system. However, pvp would still be optional. I know that a large percentage of players never even touches pvp, so they should never be forced to have to play pvp if it did get integrated.