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11-20-2012, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
Please turn your attention to Fleet Marks next!

The loss of our 50 Marks from Investigate missions has taken a serious toll. Fleet leaders are now paying high ransoms for people to temporarily join their fleets to donate mass amounts.

Marks are, of course, just one of the ways you reward us for your time... but the number of ways you do this efficiently and effectively are severely limited.

Please consider some new paths for us to gain marks. My suggestions include the addition of a Fleet Mark reward box as an option on mission replay, a new mark reward mission similar to the dilithium mining map (but in an EVA suit on the surface of our starbase repairing/building something), and the addition of a choice of Fleet Marks to any grouping mission that currently only offers dilithium (again, choosing marks over dilithium) - particularly Fleet Alerts!
That should be in the patch notes, but forgot to mention that we are changing the Fleet Action daily to reward 50 Fleet Marks instead of Dilithium now that we're added Dilithium for completing every Reputation Project.

We will continue to add ways to earn Fleet Marks where needed as we continue to monitor the overall economy.

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