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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Is it payed stuff? Then i oppose, but ONLY because almost everyone else is doing payed stuff, we feel pressured to do the same to not fall behind.

Is it a skill/ability given to all like FAW, HY3 etc? Then by all means go bananas, just like how we did FAW boats, CBP+PSW, PSW chaining, VM+SNB, RSP+FBP etc etc. The list goes on.
We found out good builds in synergy as a TEAM, and made wonders. Why should we then be punished for being smart and clever with builds, when its Cryptic job to balance and develope?
Your logic is hypocritical at best, and pretty much backwards to how the game currently works.

Your "moral standard" as we'll call it is that you promote using anything in the game that people can freely obtain, yet shun equipment that people must pay for because it gives an unfair advantage.

Now, let's take the fleet I'm in for an example (UFP), which is very large and mainly a PvE fleet. I don't know a single person in the fleet that has all purple XII gear and consoles, and that's out of hundreds of people. On the other hand, every single person in the fleet has some type of P2W equipment as you put it, whether it be a fleet ship, zen store ship, or lockbox ship. Nobody is flying a free rear admiral ship, and I highly doubt yourself or anyone in TSI is either.

It seems your evaluation of what is readily available is a bit backwards. Earning enough EC to afford all purple XII gear is much less available than buying a ship with zen, which can be converted from dilithium, which is obtainable by just playing the game. If you lived by your own scruples you'd be flying a freely obtained rear admiral ship with consoles and weapons you earned through mission content. Instead, you're flying a Vesta with expensive consoles and weapons (and I'm assuming doffs) that only a very small percentage of the STO population can afford.

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