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Originally Posted by grindsmygears1 View Post
So if the consoles is bought on the exchange with EC and not bought with cash, it's ok then?

edit: and yes, all players have access to it. You simply have to buy it.
No because its still a console you have to spend RL money on getting. Wether you buy it via the exchange, the C-store or get it as a gift is irelevant.
And yes those who are willing to spend money on getting the stuff. But as you maybe have noticed not all are willing to do that, or more likely dont have the funds to do it, so they shall get punished for not paying up? Why should the folks who are not willing to pay get shafted by being vastly outperformed? That would only result in the rich winning and the poor losing.

An anlogy in todays USA. Most of the money (consoles) are owned by the 1%. The remainder 99% dont have anything to go by (since they use the standards in the game) and everyday has to suffer and make sure there is food on the table. So what does this picture tell us?

It tells us that the persons defending the payed consoles will get better and have easy wins, while the rest is loosing cause they cant compete on a competitive level by buying an advanatge. In other words said defenders are saying the 99% deserves to get shafted by the 1% cause they dont wanna pay.

What a grim selfish world we live in.
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