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11-20-2012, 08:04 PM
i think cryptic can stick it where the sun dont shine as far as this new system of reputation. i mean honestly there was nothing wrong with the way it was before. i cant tell you how many uncompleted sets i had before. now it will be months before i will be even able to aquire 1 set for one of my ships, and there are people with full setups ready to kick my butt in karat. how is that fair? the only good thing about the ground weapon projects is that you can buy them in your rep store when you finally get them, like you would want them. i sell more lvl 11 ground weps that are better than those to my own replicator. the fact that the set items dont go to the store is repulsive to me. i have to say ive also noticed that fewer people are playing now since the latest episode. congradulations cryptic. you solved the lag problem.