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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
First, a quick confirmation that Battleship and Dreadnought STF ships should now be incapable of landing Critical Hits. This includes Cubes, Tac Cubes, and their Assimilated Klingon counterparts. A similar change will likely be made to ground-based Captain rank STF Borg, if it hasn't already.
Good news.

1 problem.

T4 Romulan Rep power "Emergency Secondary Healing" will be an option with extremely low value and should be re-evaluated in light of this change. (Currently it looks to have low value in PvE vs. largely low crit chance enemies (most NPCs) with high spike damage, and it looks as if it will be almost ludicrously strong in PvP (due to players hitting and critting more often than NPCs, at mostly lower damage points).

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
This is why a Borg's Plasma Torpedo may currently hit you for only a couple thousand one second, only to have the next land for tens-of-thousands.
Make that up to hundreds of thousands.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I suspect that the reason players are seeing more Hull Damage, may actually be attributable to the changes made to the Assimilated Ship set.
I can confirm that the hull procs are far out of balance at this point, and I still use 2 piece borg set for the hull proc and cleanse on nearly all of my builds because none of the other 2 piece set bonuses really have any value for STFs in comparison.

In general, I find I'm getting hit for 600-700 (per tick) with 2-3 neutroniums, and other hull resistance buffs running (I run a copy of HE and Aux to SIF on nearly all of my builds).

Sometimes, it will randomly spike up to 7000 per tick.

It also seems to have a bizarrely long duration, and I have not once til this point seen the Borg hull proc actually clear the hull plasma fire. I can't confirm if that's true, but right now on live my ship is almost constantly on fire.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
3) The version of Isometric Charge used by NPCs is being nerfed.

Both the damage dealt, and the distance at which the power can "jump" between targets, will be reduced.

Great news, thanks for keeping an eye on all of this.

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