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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
Oh yes, there is one thing I question. You've been saying that more dilithium than ever is being put in the hands of players... well I keep seeing dilithium sources cut off. There's on in this very post. So, um, care to explain, Dan?
There were several goals in Season 7 that were interelated.

These included:
  • Increase the Dilithium Earn Rate of the avg. Level 50 player
  • Close Dilithium Loopholes
  • Normalize Dilithium earn rates per hour across the various ways you can earn it
  • Reduce the 42 currencies needed for STF gear
  • Introduce an Alternate Advancement system so players can earn more Captain Powers without increasing the Skillpoint cap
  • Increase participation in Fleet Actions

So while we've removed some of the ways you could earn Dilithium, we've added or are adding several more than will help us achieve the goals above.

While some of the goals were tackled immediately, it has taken several days of data mining to see where we could shift and still hit our goals while addressing player feedback.

Depending on your play style, you may very well have seen an immediate reduction in how you were earning Dilithium - however we are hopeful that with these changes, you will find the way that you will be able to continue to enjoy the game and earn more Dilithium while doing so. It isn't going to be perfect, but we will continue to adjust to help out the average player and the enthusiest hardcore player.