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But I dont have to spend RL money on it. I can grind my ass off for dilithium, convert it, and buy it. While someone else has bought zen to trade for dilithium, I have not. How is the fact that someone has bought something that supports the game that you play for free a bad thing? I'm thankful he's bought zen for me to trade for dilithium myself. I guess by your analogy, the 99% who play for free should expect the 1% that pay for the game to not have any advantage or perks, even if you can have the same advantages through grinding and trading your time for zen via dilithium?

Oh what a grim selfish world we live in.
Simple. Because the one griding the dil to get the stuff uses ALOT of time. And time is money! So the 1% gains in both time saved and funds accumulated since the time is spent towards getting epic gear, which can be sold for a bloody high price which most of the 99% cannot afford.
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