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"If you have problems getting DI you are doing something terribly wrong". Are you that thick? How is it the fault of anyone when its taking them awhile to get buffed with the Diplomatic Immunity or Raiding Party buff? Ill answer that, its not their fault, its because people are either not paying attention to the zone chat or they just dont care. So dont go telling me or other people they are doing something wrong when they are not getting buffed....
Well with that attitude I can see why nobody wants to give it to you. It is there if you want it at wolf 359. I have NEVER had a player say they will not give it to me. I have actually seen players ask "Where are you? I will come to you so I can give it to you"

Do I see people asking for it around the "tour" Yes and it is the same exact players that refuse to go to Wolf 359 and get it. If you are not going to help yourself then why should anyone go out of their way to help you. SO YES you are at fault if you don't have DI for the tour - it is readily given at Wolf 359 30 minutes before the tour. If you are late and don't make it there or refuse to go there then that is your problem, not anyone elses.
I give it to players that I can see while I am on the tour so I do help some if them that don't go to Wolf 359

If you need it for another reason I am almost sure if you say in chat that you need it someone will give it to you. Like I said there are tons of players always online to help.