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Originally Posted by quickdraw74 View Post
Well with that attitude I can see why nobody wants to give it to you.
I have gone out of my way to go to 359 before and even have flown towards a group of clustered ships in Sector Space around DS9 and just outside the Sol System. Ive waited patiently and I always ask nicely for people to buff me with the buff for whatever reason I may have had, sometimes it happens immediately but sometimes it does not, I have even gone to Wolf 359 to get buffed and it has not happened immediately. The point of what I am trying to do here is give people the ability to use it on themselves so they do not have to wait on other people, this will benefit everyone if we could use it on ourselves and still use it on people who are not yet a rank 3 Diplomat.

So enough with the seemingly know it all attitude that you are portraying, you do not know me. Take a moment to really know me and you would find that I actually do try.