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Originally Posted by grindsmygears1 View Post
You are fond of saying people copy what they see TSI doing. Maybe a lot of players have that crap after seeing some of your members using it?
Im fond? Im saying my fleet cause im defending my fleet from various accusations and attacks. Wouldnt you if it was your fleet being questioned?
Our members using it!? Many of our old core members left because others where using it! They got sick and tired and upset by the fact that so many had to resort to p2w to actually win. Take Era as an example.

OH! And why wont you respond to my post regarding the Intrepid? Cause i finally found a loophole in the valiant defense of p2w stuff? How selective, dont you agree Skurf.

Sometimes i do wonder, and this might sound very elitistic and i apologize for that, is that other fleets and players resort to p2w cause they cant beat TSI the fair way with the skills already ingame. So to have a better chance they abuse all availble p2w for the sole goal of just beating us. The lack of tinkering of skills which we have countless times done and with success, has caused some kind of envy or slacking from the rest, that they expect us to drag some new rabbit out of the hat so the rest can follow suit. If not, its time to roll out every p2w! And as i stated before, we use some p2w to still stay competetive.
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